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Interior Doors, Closet Doors, French Doors, Entry Doors, Glass Doors and More

New interior doors, exterior and entry doors can really add value and enhance the beauty of your home. Doors and entries serve as a common link throughout the home, and when the right door is in place it affects the atmosphere of the entire home. Homestory looked at most door replacement processes and saw long waits and messy remodeling, so we looked to simplify the process. We carefully crafted our door replacement experience to be as quick and convenient as possible. And with our new interior doors, closet doors, French doors, entry doors, glass doors and more, our homeowners have a better home story to tell. Their homes become inviting, distinct, beautiful and expressive of their unique style.

Homestory Doors - Home Story Quality

As a true pioneer in the door replacement arena, Homestory offers more experience in door replacement services than any other company. This shows in our innovative technology, superior products, and ultimately in the pleasantly surprised faces of homeowners as we transform their homes.

Interior Doors, Interior Door Replacement

Our door replacement service is quick, practical and hassle-free. HomeStory has earned a reputation for consistently providing a professional, stress-free experience and we promise to deliver this experience to you.

Each custom fitted door can be replaced in minutes and because there is no construction or remodeling, your home is respected and you enjoy a stress-free experience. We get in, we get out, and you get a home with new life and character. So, how do we do it? Our efficiency is largely due to our measuring technologies that allow us to customize the fit of each door. Extremely accurate measurements of your door openings allow us to customize doors specifically for each opening of your home. The end result is great fitting doors and a convenient process.

In addition to interior doors, we also offer many styles of closet doors, French doors, entry doors, glass doors and more.

Closet Doors, Sliding Closet Doors, Mirrored Closet Doors, and Bifold Closet Doors

French Doors - Interior French Door Replacement

Front Doors - New Front Door Replacement

Glass Doors - Sliding Glass Doors

Entry Doors - Entry Door Replacement

Exterior Doors - Exterior Door Replacement

Prehung Doors - Prehung Interior Doors, Prehung Closet Doors, Prehung Entry Doors and more

Door Hardware, Locks, Handles, and Door Knobs

Thank you for visiting HomeStory (, your online source for interior doors, entry doors, french doors, closet doors, wood doors, front doors, exterior doors, door hardware and more. Because HomeStory specializes in door replacements, we\'re able to focus solely on satisfying your needs. HomeStory has mastered the systems, techniques, and professional services needed to provide you with the best, most cost-effective door replacement service in the country. To review our inventory of doors - both solid core doors and hollow core doors, please view our door gallery. HomeStory door replacement company provides service in California, San Diego, the Bay Area, and other locations throughout the United States.